Top 5 Discord alternatives

Text and voice chat apps are used all over the world, mainly by gamers, but professionals with the same interests use them to keep up with ideas and exchanging useful information. The number one reason why people use Discord is the fact that it offers people a huge difference in the collaborative efforts of any team. However, there are some users who prefer other apps over Discord for different reasons.

Here are 5 apps you can consider as best alternatives to Discord at the moment.

TeamSpeak 3

Prior to Discord, TeamSpeak was the dominant app almost all gamers relied on for communicating in game. There are a lot of people who still use TeamSpeak 3 and deny to migrate to Discord. People like using TeamSpeak mainly since it offers low-latency voice chat. I used TeamSpeak for many years and can guarantee that the service is stable and reliable. Also, the desktop client is completely free and no registration is required. You will have to download this client, however, as there’s no browser support.


One of the best lightweight Discord alternatives. This app will provide you with a low latency voice chat and a minimalistic, yet functional design that won’t impact your gaming experience. Your privacy will remain protected thanks to the encryption for all of the platform’s communications. You’re able to customize the sound options as you prefer.


This app is very similar to Ventrilo. It’s also completely free and available for both PC and mobile devices. It won’t consume too much system resources, which may be a case with Discord in some cases, so it’s recommended for people with lower-end computers. A single group is able to handle up to 100 thousand users, infinite in other words. The interface isn’t very simple to use, which is the downside of this client. You’re able to make your own server if you want to and customize it to your needs.


Another great open source platform with low-latency voice chat. Similar to TeamSpeak, Mumble will require you to download the client if you want to use it. You won’t be able to use the services directly from your browser as it’s not supported. As with the other Discord alternatives, Mumble is completely free and you available on different platforms. Your conversations will be protected thanks to chat encryption. A great thing about Mumble is that it will consume a very small amount of your internet speed, making it a great alternative for users with a slow connection. The voice quality is decent compared to Discord.


This app is one with the most familiar looks to Discords. This client is completely based on Vivox. The main goal is to allow gamers all over to world to enjoy exclusive technology. Overtone is easy to use and it’s considered a lightweight app, meaning that a lot of your system resources will stay intact. It’s completely free and has all of the text and voice features you need for efficient gaming. You don’t have to download the client since you can use Overtone on a web browser, much like Discord.