What is Discord and how to use it?

Since the start of the Internet era gamers were looking for a way to communicate with other players. As most of the games we used to play in the early 2000s were offering only text chat or only voice chat, gamers started to use third party software for better communication. Discord is an app targeting gaming demographic, probably the most popular at the moment.

General information

Prior to Discord, TeamSpeak was the most popular platform for gamers when it comes to communication. Since the release of Discord in 2015, people started migrating to this app, mainly because it is free to download. Also, you don’t have to pay to make an account or to make a server. However, being free isn’t the only advantage of Discord.

The main advantage is that the app doesn’t lag. Voice chats built into games are usually of bad quality, and Discord is solving this problem for gamers. It also offers text chat so people can communicate even when they are out of voice rooms, something that TeamSpeak was very bad at. A much better interface and quick response times are also the reasons why we prefer to use Discord over any other platform at the moment.

On the other side, Discord is very popular among other communities too. From time to time, I come across a server for picture sharing, geography, even architecture. People of common interests spend time and exchange ideas with each other, so even if you’re not a gamer, Discord has something to offer you.

How to start using Discord?

As with most of the apps nowadays, using Discord is extremely easy. And you don’t even have to sign up if you want to use it. If you’re in a game and someone invites you to a Discord server you will be able to join even if you don’t have an account.

Although you will have to create a temporary account. This will take a minute. You’re able to discard the account when you’re done, or you can confirm it to make it permanent.

Follow these simple steps to set up an account:

1. In your search bar type discordapp.com.

2. If you don’t have an app downloaded you can use services from your browser, so just stay on the website.

3. Choose the username you want to use then click the arrow.

Note: The username you chose doesn’t have to be a unique one. This is a unique feature Discord implemented to let us use usernames we prefer. Your username will be combined with a unique four-digit number and this is how you will be recognized among other people who use the same username.

4. You have to check the I am not a robot box for obvious reasons. Sometimes you will have to complete the captcha too.

5. You will be able to start using Discard afterward.

6. If you want to confirm your account you should enter your email and the password you’ve registered with. Click Claim Account and confirm your account afterward.

You will be ready to start using Discord at this moment. Simply click on the link of the server you want to join and you will be ready to start chatting and talking with others!